CKP Business Club, popularly known as CBC,  a part of CKP United Charitable Trust, was started in the year 2012 with an idea to bring CKP Entrepreneurs, Professionals and aspiring businessmen together and help them grow their businesses thereby creating a strong foundation for the community for generations to come. The prime purpose of CKP Business Club (CBC) is to provide a business friendly environment to all Business Owners or Professional’s, by getting them together in a forum whose prime objective is “Business Generation

This is an innovative & proven process which can effectively help Business Owners and professionals to network together and generate business for each other by exchanging contacts, collaborations, associations and references.

The motivation to establish such a forum has come after we carefully noticed that many communities are proactively coming together to form such forums or business groups for promoting business within their community first.

CBC constantly looks for innovative ways for development of its Members by

  • Active promotion of CBC Members to various Business opportunities.
  • Development and growth of their businesses & providing appropriate exposures to them to nurture and grow their business.
  • Generate business within and outside the CBC at large.
  • Training Programs
  • Now CBC is also associated with Maharashtra Chambers of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture to expand its reach. 
  • CBC continuously works on new tie-ups, associations with various organisations, groups, individuals, associations to give larger horizon for CBC Members.

 Let us all come together in this age of “Business Networking”  to ensure that our coming generations are all given the right platform to position and excel themselves.

The most important benefit of being a part of CBC is that each member will be looking to promote the business of other members. In simple words would mean, you will have dedicated marketing professionals promoting you when you become a part of this excellent business forum. 

CBC is more about Giving and we believe in the LAW of Giving Principle.