About CBC

CKP Community is a community blessed with education, right from the early days. The members of the community were highly reputed government officers/ministers (Eg: Dr. C.D. Deshmukh, the first FinMin of Free India) or highly placed officers in industry, on account of their erudition and honesty. However, except for a few odd technocrats, entrepreneurship was not a norm in the community. This resulted in very few intra-community networking opportunities, unlike the other communities.


As the number of entrepreneurs began growing, a need was felt to create a uniting body, wherein the entrepreneurs could come together to leverage their contacts for the benefit of their fellow entrepreneurs and give relevant opportunities of potential growth to their community.

This is based on the ‘Principle of Giving’ without wherein the entrepreneurs would focus on what value they can create for their fellow entrepreneurs rather than focusing on what their takeaways would be.

Our Core Team

Prasanna Karnik

Trustee & Hon. Chairman- CBC

Ashutosh Karnik

Hon. Treasurer -CBC

Hemant Deshmukh

Joint Secretary -CBC

Dev Bhise

Hon. Secretary -CBC

Our Trustee

Prasanna Karnik

Trustee & Hon. Chairman- CBC

Rajan Shilotri

Trustee – CBC

Prashant Nachane

Trustee -CBC

Sudhir Gupte

Trustee – CBC

About Events

CKP Business Club, popularly known as CBC, a part of CKP United Charitable Trust, was started in the year 2012 with an idea to bring CKP Entrepreneurs, Professionals and aspiring businessmen together and help them grow their businesses thereby creating a strong foundation for the community for generations to come.
The prime purpose of CKP Business Club (CBC) is to provide a business friendly environment to all Business Owners or Professional’s, by getting them together in a forum whose prime objective is “Business Generation”

Elite group of Businessmen, Professionals, and working professionals from various fields and experiences come together during CBC Meetings. There are exchange of ideas, power leads, references, thank you slips and business. A vibrant and business friendly atmosphere can be felt. Every member looks forward to support each other, thereby creating a positive energy. VIP Guests, Speakers, Government officials, Successful business personalities are invited at cbc meetings to share their experiences, knowledge and references.

There are various benefits of being a part of CBC Premium Paid Group
Benefits of Being the Paid Member Premium Member of CKP Business Club (CBC)
1.Discount on Venue Fees
2.Discount and first preference for Advertisements in CKP Times
3.Preference in getting Power leads and Business from CBC Premium Members
4.Preference and Discount in Training ProgramsFamily get together